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ARCADIA: Automatic Real-time Clock Anomaly Detection and Identification Algorithms project.
Research project (PRIN) founded by the MIUR: "Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research
The ARCADIA project regards the detection of failures of atomic clocks and has both experimental and methodological objectives.
The experimental objective concerns the realization of a software prototype for the real-time detection of possible faults of an atomic clock.
The scientific-methodological objective concerns the improvement and the metrological characterization of innovative fault detection algorithms, which will be implemented in the software prototype.
In order to achieve the project's goals the following tasks will be performed:
  • Theoretical analysis and metrological characterization of fault detectors (GLRT and DAVAR) that extends the currently known functionalities.
  • The creation of the software prototype, of the data acquisition process, of the user interface and of the communication protocol between the different elements of the system.
  • Test of the SW and functional characteristics of the prototype and metrological calibration.
Politecnico di Torino
National Institute of
Metrological Research
Automatic Real-time Clock Anomaly Detection and Identification Algorithms
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